Whether you are interested in the SeaRey LSX, SeaRey Adventure 912S (Certified SLSA) or SeaRey Elite 914 (Certified SLSA) you've come to the right place. Among SeaRey owners, I'm known as 'The SeaRey Specialist'.

The SeaRey Specialist is the only full time, full service SeaRey distributor in the U.S.  We take pride in knowing that our  facility is of highest caliber possible and meets the highest of  standards.  The SeaRey Specialist provides a multitude of SeaRey related  services from new kit sales, aircraft brokering, upgrades, condition inspections, pre-purchase inspections, painting, covering, and electrical wiring. 

Customers typically ask, "Why should I buy through The SeaRey Specialist?"  

  • Pricing is the same whether you purchase through The SeaRey Specialist, or factory direct.
  • Purchasing through The SeaRey Specialist allows us to continue our unprecedented customer support.
  • The SeaRey Specialist isn't just an order taker, we use (and service) the products we sell.

6/7/21 NOTE: Due to an issue with Paypal communicating with our website, we have turned Paypal payments off until further notice.  Please submit orders on the checkout page via "Phone Orders" and we will be on contact for payment info.

Contact The SeaRey Specialist or phone (321) 253-9434.