Electrical Wiring

For years now I've recognized that one of the more daunting tasks for a builder is wiring their SeaRey, and wiring it properly.  In 2003, The SeaRey Specialist was the first to offer a commercial solution for builders, manufacturing a harness that covered every option available from Progressive Aerodyne.

RCM Module Hydraulic Gear

RCM Module, Plug & Play

I cannot tell you how many shows we have exhibited at, where a potential client has looked at our wiring harnesses and says, "That's too expensive.  I can do it myself for less."  Many of these clients return to the booth the following year where they over hear me talking with a client.  Nearly every one them has broken into our conversation to offer their suggestion: "Bring your plane to Jim, just have him wire it. I wish I did."

Without experience, wiring can quickly become out of hand.

Recent Wiring Completed at The SeaRey Specialist

Recent Wiring Completed at The SeaRey Specialist.  
All components are installed on our Searey Electrical Tray.

The SeaRey Specialist Wiring Harness Jig

All Wiring is labeled.  In labels alone, the average cost per aircraft wiring harness is $450.00


For builders dead set on wiring their own SeaRey, we offer: wire, circuit breakers, instruments, avionic wiring systems, and terminals of various types.  Some builders even prefer we build the entire instrument panel along with building the wiring harness on our in-house wiring jig.

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